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TEDPIX Ends Month 3.46 Percent Higher
Tehran, Jan. 21 (SENA) - Tehran Stock Exchange’s main index TEDPIX gained 3,308.4 points or 3.46% during the 10th month of the current Iranian year (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) to end at 98,817.
Jan 21 2018 - 3:26
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Trade Efficiency with The New Order Entry Platform
Tehran, Jan. 21 (SENA) - The brokers are the main agents to enter bid or ask orders into the equity exchanges’ trading system. Even in the case of online trading, every order goes through the brokers’ order management suite to make sure it does not violated trade engine rules.
Jan 21 2018 - 3:22
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Offering Copper Rod, Cathode and Low Grade Copper on Metal and Mineral Pit
Tehran, Jan. 21 (SENA) - On Sunday, January 21, 2018, the metal and mineral trading floor of Iran Mercantile Exchange will play host to offering of 1,325 MT of copper rod, 3,000 MT of copper cathode and 21,000 MT of low grade copper.
Jan 21 2018 - 3:09
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