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Stocks Will Go Separate Ways
Tehran, Oct. 15 (SENA) - The equity exchanges skyrocketed last month with TEDPIX, the main benchmark of Tehran Stock Exchange, breaking above the 195k threshold.
Oct 15 2018 - 3:16
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Iran's Central Bank Authorized to Amend Banking System
Tehran, Oct. 14 (SENA) - The Supreme Economic Coordination Council, led by President Hassan Rouhani, approved on Saturday the Central Bank of Iran’s (CBI) program aimed to modify the national banking system, IRNA reported.
Oct 14 2018 - 5:03
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Transparency in Holdings
Tehran, Oct. 14 (SENA) - In an interview with SENA, General-Secretary of Professional Financial Managers of Iran Hamid Denaiatpei outlined the role of holdings in supporting a knowledge-based economy. “Although holdings have a considerable potential to invest in different industries, those who choose knowledge-based sectors are more successful, as they offer extensive added value to any economy,” he said.
Oct 14 2018 - 4:39
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